The jokes don’t write themselves.

Learn the craft of stand-up comedy over six sessions with hands-on instruction and personalized feedback.

ASAP’s Comedy Bootcamp™ is the first-ever stand-up comedy class designed exclusively for the military community.

Taught by veterans for veterans, this free class finishes with a graduation show where you’ll deliver a five-minute comedy set to a public audience at one of our partnering venues. After graduating, you’ll have the chance to continue workshopping your material and get on stage through our community performances.

Our 500 graduates have gone on to perform for 100,000+ audience members on some of the world’s biggest stages, including Warner Theater, Gotham Comedy Club, and The White House.

The call of ASAP was so strong because I love comedy, I love to laugh, it was a challenge outside of my norm, and I was trying to push myself. Once I was able to get on stage and say these things and learn these skills and take these feelings and experiences that can make people laugh, that changed everything for me. It changed how I dealt with my stress and frustration. Instead of internalizing my frustration, I was able to put it on paper, take control of my experience, turn a negative to a positive, and bring joy to others. How I live each day has changed completely because of it.

Michael Carrasquillo

Army Veteran, Comedy Bootcamp Alum

It’s about stage presence: because of stand up comedy, I am not as intimidated to speak in public, I am not as intimidated by my audience anymore … I think it is harder to make someone laugh than to give a presentation. Now I get comfortable with my professional audience and I can crack a joke.

Sharon Kang

Army Veteran, Comedy Bootcamp Alum

Enrolling in Comedy Bootcamp has been — and I don’t say this lightly — the greatest thing that has happened to me in years. This class gave me a purpose and a voice. It allowed me to use my creative abilities in a way that I had literally dreamed of since I was a little kid. It has been a life-saver for me!

Dewayne White

Army Veteran, Comedy Bootcamp Alum

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