Remember “fake it till you make it”?

That’s child’s play. Try one of our improv comedy classes.

Learn improv basics in a fun, team-oriented environment.

In ASAP’s Operation Improv class, you’ll laugh hysterically, build your confidence, and maybe find some lifelong friends. Dive into this free, six-week class to master the fundamentals of unscripted, spontaneous improv comedy.

Your class will finish with a public graduation show. After completing the class, you can enroll in advanced-level improv courses through our partner improv schools, participate in our community performances, and connect with other alumni for improv jam sessions.

The basics of the improv ‘yes and’ orientation have made my communication pathways stronger, less confrontational, and have enhanced my relationship with my better half.
Jake Boggs
Navy Veteran, Operation Improv Alum

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Washington, DC

12-2:30 PM on Sundays September 18 — November 13

11 AM-1 PM on Saturdays September 17 — October 29

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