Give resilience, community, & confidence through the arts.

ASAP’s creative arts classes have clear results: Veterans who participate have significant, lasting, and measurable improvements in their resilience, self-esteem, social connectivity, depression, and stress. Donate now to make this impact possible.

Your donation transforms lives.

Here’s a look into how your money helps our community.


Gives one veteran-artist the chance to complete an eight-week class with ASAP.


Gives one veteran-artist the chance to complete a weekend arts workshop.


Gives one veteran-artist the chance to complete one week of an ASAP arts class.


Buys a package of arts materials for a drawing student.

In a world of conflict, we take care of our own.

Conflicts in Europe and the Middle East are brutal reminders of the sacrifice and service of American service members stationed around the globe. While we support our allies, we need to be sure we’re still taking care of our own.

ASAP gives military-connected folks access to a supportive community where they can unleash their creative side, even if they’re wound tight and skeptical when they first step into our studios. We’re all about active participation, digging deep and using the arts to better understand ourselves and our world, and sharing that with an audience.

In a community that often faces real challenges with isolation, post-traumatic stress, and suicidal ideation, this impact matters deeply. Your support gives veterans access to these transformative experiences.

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Any amount you give can support a veteran’s transition to civilian life and provide peer support.