Our mission every day is to spark creativity and connection.

We do this through the restorative power of comedy, storytelling and artistic expression.

More than 650 veterans return home from duty every day.

But there isn’t always a homecoming party waiting for them. Transitioning to civilian life after service is often a challenging and isolating experience for veterans.

ASAP classes combat that isolation. With ASAP, veterans rediscover the bonds of their service and become part of a community with common experiences. Our alumni don’t just gain new skills; they gain confidence, purpose, and community.


veterans in our



plan to take

another class


recommend ASAP to

friends and family

The results are powerful.

Peer-reviewed research demonstrates ASAP participants experience statistically significant improvements in:


Confidence & Self-Esteem

Belonging & Social Support

Skill Development & Translation

Self Discovery

Participants also reported feeling:

Their anxiety was normalized

Their voices were heard

They could connect more easily with others

The act of telling that story and investing in myself…was really the start of the personal growth that I am continuing now.
Without knowing anyone in this room for more than an hour, there is a built-in camaraderie that you cannot have with other people. So it’s like instant family.

Stephanie Dempsey

Military Spouse

Creative Writing Alum

Clyde Thompson

US Navy Veteran

Comedy Bootcamp Alum