Journaling and Nature Sketch

Welcome spring with observations of nature in your sketchbook, learning some basic observation and rendering skills in pencil and pen, adding watercolor wash and detail as we progress. Journaling and […]

Drawing Explorations

Dive into the world of drawing as a means of self-expression and mindfulness. This engaging three-week class encourages creative exploration through diverse drawing techniques, fostering a unique blend of relaxation […]

Gouache Painting

If watercolor and acrylics had a baby, it might look like gouache. Imagine water-activated paint that can be applied with more solid color layers like acrylic—that’s gouache (pronounced goo-aash). In […]

Printmaking Studio

Experiment, play, and learn simple hands-on printmaking methods. Each week we will use common materials; foam sheets, masking & clear packing tape, soft cut Lino sheets, cyanotype, and found objects. […]

Call for Submissions: Prose, Poetry, and Visual Art

Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) is excited to launch a 2024 anthology with publisher Unleash Creatives. We seek authentic, compelling, and polished short stories, creative nonfiction, humor, poetry, photography, and […]

Acrylic Painting

Bring your inspiration and eye for beauty as you discover the unique properties of acrylic paint. Learn the fundamentals behind color mixing, brushwork, application, and composition as you put your […]

Valentine’s Card Weaving Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make woven pieces of art using paper. The teaching artist will guide the group through the paper weaving process, and then give […]

Sketch in Balboa Park

The class will consist of a basic tutorial on urban sketching of architecture, people and nature, focusing on quick sketches and shading to capture the essence of the location and […]


In this online course, we will explore drawing for absolute beginners. We will start with different drawing tools – graphite pencils, charcoal, conte’, pen, and pastels. We will explore different […]

Still Life Drawing

Come enjoy lessons on recreating still life forms through drawing techniques in a relaxed and approachable environment. Using skills in observation, perspective and how we perceive light as it interacts […]