Turning Old Prose Into Fresh Poetry

Have you been writing prose for a while now and you’d like to try your hand at poetry? Are you a seasoned poet looking for inspiration? Come learn some techniques to turn your old prose into new poetry!

Bring at least one piece of previous writing to the workshop: a favorite blog post, an old college essay, a short story–something you’d like to revisit. Maybe something you always liked and would like to try a fresh spin on, maybe something you’ve never quite been satisfied with but you had some nice wording in it that you just hate to waste. Whatever old piece you choose, let’s turn it into something new!


About the instructor

Kari Martindale (M.A., Linguistics) is a spoken word artist and writer whose poetry has been published in a number of journals and anthologies. Her poem “The List” is a finalist for the Line of Advance Colonel Darron L. Wright Award. Kari sits on the Board of Maryland Writers’ Association and was recently appointed Co-Editor of its literary journal, Pen-in-Hand. She has been featured in Berks Bards’ Bardfest (2021) as well as ekphrastic events across Maryland; she served as a panelist for the Maryland State Arts Council Independent Artist Awards 2022; and she helped to get the nonprofit EC Poetry & Prose off the ground. 


Oct 23, 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Hampton Roads, VA,
Indianapolis, IN,
San Diego, CA,
Washington, DC
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