Every production needs a loyal backstage crew.

Become a monthly donor.

Stage Pass members are deeply connected to our mission and supportive of the veterans we serve all year long. Your contribution of $25/month helps ASAP build a bigger tent for veterans and military families across the country to learn new skills, connect with one another, and enjoy the creative arts.

Stage Pass Benefits

  • Transform veterans’ lives with the opportunity to pursue the arts and build meaningful community connections.
  • Get exclusive discounts and complimentary tickets to performances and events all year long.
  • Receive exclusive email updates on the work you make possible from our Executive Director.
  • Become an integral part of the ASAP village and uplift veterans as they turn a page to discover what comes next after duty.

Our Commitment

Each month, you receive an email including a discount code granting you free access to a series of upcoming live-streamed shows. Most of the time, that includes a performance featuring professional comics (like the folks featured below) alongside ASAP program graduates.

Your Impact

Stage Pass members are ASAP’s backbone. You empower us to double down on our impact by strategically launching ASAP locations in new cities, leverage technology to offer virtual classes to reach even more veterans, and expand our research efforts to ensure we’re providing the most-needed programming and classes today, tomorrow, and for years to come. See your full impact here → 

Where Your Dollars Go

Instructor Stipends

Art Supplies

Veteran Outreach

Classroom Space


Virtual Production

Why It Matters

Thousands of veterans could benefit from a strong sense of community, purpose, and belonging during their return to civilian life. Especially now, after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the need for support has skyrocketed. But we need your financial contribution to expand our capacity to serve them. Your monthly donation means we can offer more free art classes in more locations.